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N-GAGE YOUTH CLUB - September 2020

A little bit about N-Gage and what's on from September ...

N-Gage Youth Club is for all in school years 7-11.  It's a club which offers a variety of activities and events, or simply somewhere to hang out with your mates!

Scroll down the page and you'll see the sorts of activities and events which took place prior to lockdown, and how things have eased over time since then.

As we enter a new school year, things have eased even further.  Whilst things are still a bit too restricted to meet indoors (for now), we are able to meet in 'bubbles' of 15 for outdoor activities.  So, up to half term we're planning on doing just that!

Given the restriction on numbers, we're going to start by running N-Gage as two 'bubbles' on alternate weeks, one for new year 7's and the other for other year groups.  The idea is that we will repeat the activities from week one, on week two.

All these activities will have been subject to a Risk assessment to ensure that we are providing them in line with Government guidelines.  Pre registration will be required for all activities.  

Our first event will be Wide Games in the Wild Gardens.  We're starting on 11th with our years 8-11 'bubble,'  and then inviting new year 7's on 18th.

Details are as follows:


WIDE GAMES in the WILD GARDENS (Sept 18th)

Having started last week (11th) with those in years 8 up, it's now the turn for new Year 7's!

HOWEVER ... Exactly how this works depends on numbers who apply.  Read on for details ...


The event is 6pm - 8pm, but there are options to join from 6.30pm and leave at 7.30pm, without missing the main event!

At 6pm we will meet at the entrance to the new houses at the top of Jubilee lane (at the junction with the Sands).  From here we'll be walking to the Wild Gardens where in the gardens (and possibly surrounding fields) we will be providing some wide games.  So, if you can't join us at 6pm, you could meet us there for 6.30pm.

There will also be hot chocolate and a snack (for those who want them) .

Then, youths can either be collected from the Wild Gardens at 7.30pm or return with leaders to Jubilee lane for 8pm.

All activities will be COVID compliant.  Social distancing will be required throughout the evening, and there will be regular hand gelling (provided).


Bubble(s) ... we're all familiar with them by now, and depending on numbers (we're allowed 15 per bubble) we may need  to split into two bubbles for this event.  These will need to be arranged beforehand and there will be no mixing within the bubbles.  Therefore, if your youth has friends they really want to be with then it's imporant to let us know.

PRE REGISTRATION - by Tuesday pm

All of this is going to require some extra planning, so we really need to know numbers early this week.  Therefore, pre registration is required by Tuesday pm.  We will then communicate more details about the event, with necessary consent forms, 

Pre registration is required and there's a consent form to complete prior to the event.

Cost:  £1 per family.

Contact us to register interest, giving details of friends (if needed for multiple bubbles).



(Pre Summer 2020)


Things have been different to normal recently, but we haven't  stopped the fun and games!

For many weeks, we met on Zoom for an hour from 7pm for a variety of different activities.

Then, as things eased, we included some small group meetings, ensuring these kept to the COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.

N-Gage would normally have finished by now for the summer, but we had occassional activities over the break.   

Contact us for more details.






We look forward to getting back to meeting like this again,                            when it's safe to do so!



N-Gage Youth Club meets every Friday during term time.  Evenings are mostly 'Club' or 'Film' nights.  There may also be the occassional trip out!

Anyone in school years 7-11 are welcome, you don’t have to be part of the church. In fact, that’s the case for many of the kids who join us.

N-Gage costs just £1 per family, per club or film night (unless advised).



Activities include: Table tennis, snooker, pool, volleyball, food nights, and more! Alternatively you can just hang out with your mates.

During our time together we aim to have a time where we ‘N-gage’ with the bible.


Some weeks we meet to watch a film together.   These evenings run until 8.30pm (unless otherwise advised).

Arrival is from 6.15pm.  The film then starts promptly at 6.30pm, in order to finish by  8.30pm.


See below, our 'pre lockdown' term plan  



Here is our current term plan:

* Aqua Splash - Swimming at Chipping Norton Leisure Centre.  Pick up (5.45pm) and collect (7.10pm) from pool.  PLEASE NOTE different club times.

** Bowling Trip - Event tbc.  Likely to involve leaving pre 5pm and returning around 9.30/45pm.  Details to follow.